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Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures, Antennas and Small Wind Turbine Support Structures


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Description / Abstract:

This Standard provides the requirements for the structural design and fabrication of new and the modification of existing antenna supporting structures, antennas, small wind turbine supporting structures, appurtenance mounting systems, structural components, guy assemblies, insulators and foundations. 

This Standard is based on limit states design. It is applicable mainly to steel structures but may also be applied to other materials, when required, so as to provide an equivalent level of reliability. 

The appropriate standards should be referenced for structures that support antennas but that are primarily intended for other applications, such as water towers, electrical transmission and distribution structures, sign support structures, lighting support structures, buildings, bridges, etc. This Standard, however, does apply to the calculation of effective projected areas of appurtenances (antennas, mounts, lines, etc.) and to the serviceability limit states appropriate for structures that support antennas. 

Appropriate analysis and design criteria for other structural materials are outlined in Section 6.0 of the Standard. When a structure with a lower reliability is utilized as part of a communication system, the structure may require modification in order to meet the reliability requirements of this Standard. When the primary use of the structure is other than for communications, a higher reliability may be required in accordance with the applicable standard governing the primary use of the structure. 

Structural requirements during construction and construction means and methods provisions are not within the scope of this Standard. For construction related loading, analysis, and design requirements during construction, installation, alteration, and maintenance, refer to the ANSI/TIA-322 Standard, “Loading, Analysis, and Design Criteria Related to the Installation, Alteration and Maintenance of Communication Structures”. For applicable construction means and methods provisions, refer to the ANSI/ASSE A10.48 Standard, “Criteria for Safety Practices with the Construction, Demolition, Modification and Maintenance of Communication Structures”.

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