ASQ H1264

ASQ H1264

The Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence Handbook, Third Edition American Society for Quality / 01-Jan-2006 / 672 pages ISBN: 9780873896788

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Management of quality continues to play a significant role in organizations as they struggle to deal with ever increasing complexities and challenges in our fast-paced world. Business success depends on their ability to use a wide range of information to define, plan, implement, and control a variety of complex, interdependent tasks using a finite set of data and decreasing resources. Organizations must develop the critical knowledge, interpersonal skills, technical tools, and management techniques needed in todays evolving workplace environment.

This handbook provides comprehensive guidance for process improvement, describes tools and techniques to drive change, emphasizes sound management principles that have relevance even beyond the quality field, and can be a primer for new leaders and a go-to manual for experienced professionals.

In addition to being a peerless reference on quality management, this is the most comprehensive preparatory guide for the ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence exam. Included in appendices are the newly updated Body of Knowledge, an extensive glossary of terms, a list of additional references for further study, and (on an accompanying CD-ROM) 150 sample multiple-choice questions and 7 sample essay questions, all similar to those on the actual exam.

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